Ania Chagowska is one of the few New Generation all-round female "Instructor, Performer and Choreographer" icons in the Salsa scene today. Having professionally trained from a young age in various dance forms she was able to get solid foundations to prepare her for what was to come. her passion and love for latin music changed the way she perceived dance, suddenly becoming a lifestyle.

Ania launched her international Salsa career after partnering world renown performing artists such as Neeraj Maskara (2005) and later Tamambo (2008), performing breath-taking performances over the years, further contributing to her success as a solo artist.

Ania specialises in Contemporary influenced Ladies Styling footwork and body movement. She is as well one of the few female instructors that can actually teach "executable" Ladies Styling in partnerwork. Also, her application of technique encourages the ladies to understand their own bodies and be in control of it, even when the man is leading. This methodical approach to Salsa has fast made Ania Chagowska the new "Must Have" name in Salsa today.